David Guerra

Registered US Patent Practitioner


Senior US Patent Agent licensed to practice patent law before United States Patent & Trade Mark Office (USPTO)


US Patent Drafting, Filing and Prosecution

Patent Procurement Strategy


Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering


18 years


David Guerra is a registered U.S. patent agent, and was awarded a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of South Florida.  He has written and/or prosecuted hundreds of patent applications including U.S. and International (PCT), with additional experience associated with the preparation and prosecution of Canadian applications.  He was the leading search manager for one of the largest patent service companies in the U.S.  He has conducted thousands of patent searches ranging from patentability, clearance, validity, collection, infringement, and state of the art.  He was also involved in the development of one of the first privately owned searchable patent databases.

He was admitted to the U.S. Patent Bar in April of 2000, with prior patent work experience leading to twenty-two years of intellectual property experience.  His work experience includes the preparation and prosecution of U.S. and International patent applications, acting as a patent liaison to corporations, assisting in the completion of inventions, preparing of CAD drawings, performing of an extensive range of patent searches and services, preparing novelty/patentability opinions, and the managing and developing of intellectual property service companies.  Over the years he has extensive IP experience for many companies and law firms associated with the biotech, aerospace, oil/gas, telecommunication, pharmaceutical, medical, optical, automotive, aeronautical, marine, and robotic industries.  Additionally, he has experience in preparing amendments/responses to Office Actions issued by non-U.S. patent offices.

As previously being the lead manager of one the largest patent research companies in the U.S., he was honored to train engineers, physicists, chemists, lawyers and engineering students in intellectual property law.  This previous experience additionally allowed me to provide quality control to a broad range of patent service and application drafting products for patent firms, Fortune 500 companies and private inventors.

During my education in the Department of Engineering at the University of South Florida, he completed multiple design projects.  His research resulted in the design of a self-propelled, non-tethered anti-shark cage, and subsequently to a high light of his educational research that being team member in the design, prototype fabrication and testing of a swimming device for a tetramelia young boy (absent of all four limbs).

His extensive experience allows him the opportunity to participate in patent workshops and education seminars, specifically for private inventors and corporate R&D or legal departments.  A combination of my educational and professional experience provided him the skills to create multiple inventions, which were awarded U.S. and Canadian patents.  This further provides him with a thorough knowledge of the many stages encountered by an inventor.

David works for FAI PATENTS on a contract basis.

Contact: info@faipatents.com