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Patent Focus with International Perspective

Franklin & Associates International is a high quality and progressive international practice with an exclusive focus on all matters relating to procuring patent and design rights in USA, Europe and Worldwide. Other intellectual property matters, such as Copyright and IP litigation are handled by associate firms. Patent & Design preparation and prosecution IS our practice. It never takes a back seat. We strive to help you understand your rights so that you can develop and leverage your  portfolio effectively.

FAI is able to represent clients in all law related matters directly before the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) , European Patent Office (EPO), European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) (previously  the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM)), United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) and World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). We handle patent procurement in other jurisdictions through our long established international network of foreign associates.

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The services that we handle directly ourselves include:

  • International Patent Strategy
  • Invention Disclosure Assistance
  • Pre-Filing Searches & Due Diligence
  • Inventive Concept Determination
  • US, European and International Patent Application Drafting
  • Patent & Design Application Filing Worldwide
  • Patent & Design Prosecution Worldwide (direct before both US and European Patent Offices)
  • Patent Appeals before USTPO and EPO
  • US Patent Reexamination
  • EP Patent Oppositions
  • Patent & Design Maintenance and Renewals
  • Start-Up Assistance including guidance with business plans, prototype development and marketing

Exceptional Technical and Business Expertise

Our hi-tech team includes practitioners with PhDs and extensive technical and business backgrounds including: extensive experience in software, optics, semiconductors, nanotechnology, automotive manufacturing, electronics and software in research laboratories and industry.

Start Up & Entrepreneur Friendly Services

Our practice has experience working with a range of start-ups from boot strapped entities to established businesses. We are open to considering alternative compensation schemes and business relationships.

Patent Quality with a Global Strategy

A patent is only as good as the information it contains and there are no short cuts to obtaining it. It requires extensive knowledge and experience of both the law and technology. Strategic planning and management of your portfolio to optimize your patent protection is also vital. Our practice offers quality patent prosecution. It also manages your patent procurement based on your short term and long term business objectives to help you optimize protection for inventions and improvements now and in the future.

More Value For Your Budget

Our practice helps you obtain as much protection as possible for your budget. It offers attractive billing procedures. Take advantage of our free consultation which includes:

  • an initial evaluation of your invention/design
  • a free estimate for preparing and filling your patent/design application

Inventors/Businessescontact us for a free consultation.

Law Firms & Corporate In-House Counsel – for a copy of our fee schedule, please e-mail us.

Our Team

US Practitioners

Dr. Matthew Franklin Lambrinos

John Behles

Robert Ballarini

Dr. George Marinakis

European Practitioners

Dr. Matthew Franklin Lambrinos

John Gray

Stewart Cameron

Neville Walker

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